September 11 2019, Wall Street Journal

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Paving stone
Rush order letters
Source of peat
Many a historical novel
Not suckered by
Assignment given to a po’ boy?
Brand of foam-based toys
Hasbro toy that players twist and pull
Spiny lizards
“Jailhouse Rock” singer, familiarly
Work of a full-time contortionist?
Love of Paris
Spy who works for a Washington paper?
Tourist spot in the Tyrrhenian Sea
Dickens’s “___ Mutual Friend”
Bacteria growing in the kitchen?
Wearing a 9-Down, perhaps
Boomer born in 1961
In an unfriendly manner
Mountain face climbed by Alex Honnold in “Free Solo,” for short
Like a wolf without a pack
Golf course?
Word that’s ironically a trochee
Civilization whose cities included Ur and Kish
Name written on Woody’s shoe in “Toy Story”
Some do push-ups
It began as the National Gallery of British Art
Univ. applicants, typically
Miller’s “Elementary” co-star
BOLO kin
Unfair judgment, informally
Birthplace of St. Clare
Not just implied
Back in time
Sweeping shot
Revealing swimsuit
Strike leader?
Fiddle feature
What “GIF” should be pronounced with, according to its inventor
Focus of a player on the bench
De-stressing destinations
“John Brown’s Body” poet
Hoppy brew, for short
Effective control
Man of Milano
Wedding cake section
Oaxaca greeting
Belonging to those folks
Dishwashing room at Downton Abbey
Chief justice who authored the Dred Scott ruling
What only three sitting sens. have become
Part of RSVP
Currency of 19 nations
Stimpy’s cartoon pal
Place to get wings?
Chimed in
Gossip mag subjects
Cutter initials
Pants-on-fire types
Submit, in the ring
Swinton of “Doctor Strange”
Humorist Bombeck
“I’m five minutes away,” often
Galley implement
Keanu courted her in “Dangerous Liaisons”
Bring in
He’s more than a master of rap