May 15 2019, Wall Street Journal

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Sounds from pounds
Laugh inducer
"Uh-huh...sure, buddy"
Diet eschewing dairy and grains
Inglenook and Beringer wineries' area
*Roadside assistance, of a sort
Stick with cotton ends
Moneymaker for HP
Broken beyond repair
*2016 #1 hit song by Sia
Screen makeup
"Yabba dabba ___!"
Put up
Intro to a texting thought
Meat brand since 1937
Stops by
Peace in the USSR
*Lottery option
"Iron Man" Ripken
Eight fluid ounces
Wyatt of the West
Have a bug
Bud of baseball
Magazine contents
*Surrounded by the like-minded
Work on a baked-on mess
Health-care giant
Comment of indifference
Sweet snack, and a description of the first words of the starred answers
Passed-down wisdom
First lady of Argentina
Gambling calculation
Coin flip
Bear necessities?
Starchy tuber
Touched the tarmac
Sport last played in the Olympics in 1936
Sewer emission
Cookie container
Participant in antler wrestling
Try so as one may
Temple text
Official investigation
A grizzled vet may have one
Prefix with center
Tavern fixture
Comment of indifference
Box near a mic
Driver on movie sets?
Ill-fated city of A.D. 79
Bat mitzvah toast
Partner of Crosby and Nash
Brunch beverage
Slim Shady's alter ego
They're no fun to play with
Nancy's pal
Boxer's issue?
Big ___, California
Without change
Pieces of cake
Show up
Minute Maid Park team
Was seething
Rock's ___ Leppard
Life class work
Hill helper
Short order at a deli?
Head of Parliament?
Choose, as a survey box
GRE creator
Sixth of a fl. oz.