March 14 2019, Wall Street Journal

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Wild pitch barrier, literally
In reverse, literally
In ___ (stuck)
Give preferential treatment to
Continental capital
Jared of "Suicide Squad"
Pop perk
Belgian lambics, e.g.
Ibn, in a name
Relative group
California, for example
It brought Hope to GIs
"Silent Spring" topic
In vitro items
Islamic duty
"The Biggest Little City in the World"
Trap, and a hint for how to enter eight answers in this puzzle
Happy as a clam
How word gets out
"Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation" author Bill
Greatest hits album from the Beatles
Rockwell of "Vice"
Unclean quarters
Makes out
Show shifter
Glossy alternative
Have lots of shots, perhaps
Baked item that may be followed by a breath mint
Flat feature
Seeing through
Defeatist's cry
Middle of QED
Covert entry, literally
Gumbo pods
Slice feature, literally
Congratulatory gesture, literally
Layered snack
Gravity-defying skirt
Long-legged wader
Cab collection
Says with confidence
Does a devout duty
Boot the ball
Friday creator
Parthenon, e.g.
He performed between Melanie and Joan at Woodstock
Plumbing problem, literally
Baja California, por ejemplo
Didn't pass
Parisian preposition
Simmons competitor
Pere's frere
First single, often
Brand endorsed by Michael Jordan
Kept troubling
Chewy strips
Initials, maybe
Stooge with a bowl cut
Not online, briefly
"Pass me the ball!"
Barcelona boy
Group no longer in the minority?
Kareem, six times
Brazilian export
Dorm bowlful
Shady deal site, literally
___ Domini
Second-oldest member of the Jackson 5
"99 Luftballons" singer
Lois's portrayer on "Lois & Clark"
Betray, literally
Program feature