June 12 2019, Wall Street Journal

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Make like a donkey
Course collection
Pads for artists
Brand worn by Bjorn Borg and Kim Clijsters
Parcel portion
HI "Hi!"
Febreze targets
Pittsburgh product, historically
Onetime Beatle Sutcliffe
Canonized Fr. women
Uncommonly relaxed
Slacker trait
Supply that exceeds demand
Skier's wish
Advance slowly
Conceder's comment
Number for Caruso
Question following an insensitive jest
Astonished text
Prime minister whose daughter became prime minister
Drop shot in tennis
Bit of self-promotion
Logo customized to pay tribute
"This can't be good"
Round container?
Many, many moons
Emmy winner Christine
Great Dane of cartoons
Antigone's uncle
Melt layer
River near the FDR Drive
Was without
Goes red
Super close buds, briefly
Hilarious sort
Succulent genus
Alma mater of Alito, Kavanaugh, Sotomayor and Thomas
Scratch the surface?
"The Island of the Day Before" writer
Came up
Language akin to Thai
Person wise beyond his or her years
Ottoman cousins
Second prime
Likely to give some lip
Sheepskin boot brand
Sherrod Brown's state
Religious assembly
Ken of "thirty-something"
Rice found in a bookstore
Waved aside
Phoenix baller
TV show with several spinoffs
John Wayne film based on a Louis L'Amour story
Censor's target
"Which came first?" option
Agriculturist Jethro, for whom a band was named
"Preach it!"
Calf's spot
Marble hunk
Narrow ravine
Tara's family
Does some housekeeping
Timed perfectly
Relief pitcher Darren
Margin of victory, perhaps
Tight group?
Error for a QB
Washington's bill
Bourbon cask makeup