February 14 2020, Wall Street Journal

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Part of a soccer game
Miserly Marner
Discman’s descendant
Name trademarked in 1912
Got lower, in a way
Science program
*Fourth digit
Sold at a discount, often
Photoshop producer
Kings’ things
“___ sure you already know...”
Adult beverage
He played Brando’s son
*Singles bar, sometimes
Put in pawn
Green Anjou, e.g.
Auctioned pieces
D.C.’s lobbying industry
Hush-hush org.
Curry popular in California
Novelist Simpson
Driver at the Oscars
*Patched things up
Pringles alternative
“King Kong” studio
Cooler brand
If absolutely necessary
Robert Kennedy’s bride
Class-ending sound
*Deepest self
Wave-lapped land
“Hit me up”
Symbols of welcome
Band named for a river
Seeing things?
Circular movements
Unsuitable for farming
Feuder with O’Brien
Mountain cover
Move among moguls
Stop for the night
Pair in pants
Eldest of the Baldwin brothers
Show online
Preparing for delivery
Billy Porter show
“You can talk now”
A&W competitor
Moroccan city
Long-term spy
Prank pullers
Rival of Tinder and OkCupid
Blood carrier
Had a role to play
Quarterback Rodgers
Rather, casually
The Sharks and the Jets, e.g.
Shade for soldiers
March along with others
Rooibos, e.g.
Bird with a curved bill
Hornet’s home
Rub it in
Motion by the ocean
Lewis with the News
City up the shore from Cleveland
Not as much
One of many in Central Park
Recharge your batteries