August 13 2019, Wall Street Journal

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Musician Baez
Cry of contempt
Basic unit of energy
Spanish stews
Hockey rink surface
Black-and-white whales
With 41-Across, tag line for 64-Across
“Don’t bother”
Absorb, as an expense
Like snails and tortoises
Hibernation spot
Spot on a deuce
White-collar crime
Congressional hearing broadcaster
From here ___
“___ girl!”
Algebra pioneer George
See 18-Across
Regatta teams
Capital on the Baltic Sea
Shipbuilder’s material
Oreo stuff
Sound from a griddle
Office note
Mattress annoyance
___ carte
Simple sandwich, simply
Event of August 15-18, 1969, at which the six musicians in this puzzle performed
Beach-closing bacteria
Text alternative
Genes material
Jeans material
Takeoff annoyance
Group of songs
Musician Shankar
Musician Sebastian
Bread stick?
Mathematician Turing
Basketball’s Archibald and Thurmond
Comedy routine
Joint problem
Singer in a Christmas carol
Musician Cocker
Gets Chinese, maybe
The Golden Bears, for short
Big name in chips
In ___ (actually existing)
Cupboard component
Greek vowel
Classical column style
Some Winslow Homer paintings
Long-range weapon, briefly
One found in a pound
Red head?
Pan, for one
Allegheny’s name after 1979
Models strike them
Wanted poster info
Guitar parts
Time and the Times, e.g.
Tennis great Arthur
Plant firmly
Yoga class surface
Indiana hoopster
Carried a balance
City on the Seward Peninsula
Frosty’s eyes
Case for a dermatologist
Prefix between octa- and deca-
Roman 554
Musician Hendrix
Musician Stone
Dennings of “2 Broke Girls”