November 24 2022, USA Today

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Capital of Norway
Shingle replacement, for example
Came afterward
"Didn't I tell you?"
Magician Lim
"You got it!"
Bus passenger
Fell down face-first
Prefix for "way" or "day"
University near South Bend
Toddler's scrape
Homes for lions
"That's ___ up!"
Like antiques
Limit one ___ customer
Remove from power
Produce offspring
Martial art practiced by Hao Zhihua and Jet Li
"Baseball Tonight" channel
"Darn it!"
Sans-___ font
Covered with frosting
Depict unfairly
Cheap ploys for media attention
Pentathlon sword
Stroller feature
Some magazines
"Red Azalea" author Anchee
At no cost
Come up
Tabi, for example
"Sounds unpleasant!"
Accessory like an obi
Baby wipe additive
Singer ___ Kelly
Shade of a color
Totally destroy
"What did you say?"
More, in Spanishend
Makeup might clog them
"Get lost!"
Head gesture
In unison
Country east of Jamaica
"And I ___ it all to you!"
Not receptive to new ideas
Metal in solder
Taho ingredient
Came to a permanent stop
Metallic resources
Curtsy lunge count
Bird attracted to oranges
Stockholm residents
Part of a ship
Baby coyote
Puts up a fight
Cool ___ cucumber
"I need it right now!"
Part of a ship
Rotate rapidly
Plant used in basketry
Cupful on a desk
Childbirth specialist
"The weekend's here at last!"
Planet known for its rings
Magnolia or sequoia
Tarako or mentaiko
Prey of pet cats
Out of ___ (not happy)
Standard of measurement
Makes a request
Museum robbery
Egg farm animals
Meeting, informally