March 4 2023, USA Today

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Rounded hairstyle
Hypnotized state
This clue's number in Roman numerals
On edge
Upward journey
Place loosely
Say aloud
Orzo or ziti
According to a viral Trill Withers tweet, it's white people's equivalent of "you got me [bleep]ed up"
Buy off
Cuts up finely
Decorative vases
Assurance for an employee
"I feel so lucky!"
Lacking direction
What a statement might be taken at
TV oversight org.
Musical style from Jamaica
The G in GLAAD
Product such as Essence Lash Princess
Actress Lisa ___ Walter
Abbreviation on a measuring spoon
"Don't stop now!"
Positives, in decision-making
Touch a phone screenend
"Look ___ this way . . ."
Make sense
"Yes . . . ish"
Blues legend Ma ___
Casual conversations
U.S. national mammal
Person from Stockholm or Gothenburg
Cockatiel or cocker spaniel
Counterpart of 45-Across
Flatbread eaten with shiro wat
More questionable
De ___
Red vegetable
Really close 10-Acrosses
Time periods
Shuts loudly
Burlap bag
Hitch in a plan
Broadband option
Major city in Saudi Arabia
Molecule in chromosomes
"___ of Spades" (Faridah Abike-Iyimide novel)
In need of lotion
TV channel with an eye logo
Large car
___ paratha (potato-stuffed flatbread)
Problem for a runner
Person, place or thing, grammatically
Physique, for short
Specifically adapt
Thing never to do
Landscaping material
What Art might be short for
Prez on the dime
Toilet paper thickness unit
Recipients of money