July 28 2021, USA Today

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Compost bin wrigglers
Wear away
Specifies the maximum amount, for example
___ socks
Jeweler's weight unit
Smallest bills
Trim the grass
Red-and-green dish often topped with feta
"It's not ringing any ___"
Figure skating jump
Meat in Hawaiian cuisine
Like legs after a barre class
"The Mandalorian" actor Weathers
Weep loudly
Willamette University city
Steal a glance
Masonry or welding, say
"No worries"
Summer hrs. in Portland
Barn roof spinner
Has no help
Sofia Coppola, to Talia Shire
Top of a toothpaste tube
Pay attention to
Played on the radio
"Dang it!"
Musical groups
Instrument played with a bow
Forgets to charge the phone, say
Spheres of interest
Dot on an ocean map
Wing measure
Muskmelon's skin
Enoki part
End of many URLs
Card in a blackjackend
East's opposite
Brush alternative
Instrument for Esperanza Spalding
Cookie similar to a Giro
Birchbark boat
Event with demo booths
___ memorization
"Got me now?"
Medical drama characters (Abbr.)
Garments under crop tops, sometimes
"Here's what I want to know . . ."
Seasoning for caramels
Ads that raise awareness
Keemun and kuding
Little devil
Luxurious country estate
Backed down
Showed up
Maia ___, first Black woman NFL official
"Winning ___ everything!"
Full of excitement
Intense fear
Animal clinic visitor
"Now it makes sense!"
Knee part, for short
Name hidden backward in "Darby"
Seasoned one
Sports reporter Gutierrez
Lancelot and Mix-a-Lot, e.g.
Savings plan with a SIMPLE variety
Damage control professional
Many years
Christmas carols
Make small talk
"Cruella" star Stone
Website with crafts