July 19 2021, USA Today

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"I like!"
Dentist's instruction
Propel a bicycle
Coat rack protrusion
Country that borders Yemen
Do, re, mi, etc.
Floorboard sound
Country that's part of Hispaniola
Explosion sound
Quinceanera celebration, for example
Grand Council of the ___ (Nemaska-based group)
Newspaper piece with a perspective
Pineapple ___
Heavy burden
Bird with blue eggs
Creamy cheese with a white rind
"Lip ___ Battle"
Written by carving
Get older
Plucked instrument
Room below a roof
Marvin the Martian or Mickey Mouse, for short
Place to rent a wetsuit
Pennsylvania city on a Great Lake
Digit that might be stubbed
Spotted wildcat
Two Door ___ Club
City with krewes, for short
Setting for many sci-fi movies
Household task
Informal vocab
___ and figures
The ___-Missouria Tribe
Tuber that might be candied
Beings from 50-Down (Abbr.)
Sense of self-importance
Rodent such as Master Splinterend
Earring style
Indigenous South American garment
Fast food in buckets
Tug-of-war item
Hip-hop fusion genre
Make public
Excuse for missing homework
Spelling competition
Quick snooze
Garden tube
Athlete in an alley
Winter Olympics footwear
Prefix meaning "one"
Spanish for "two"
2018 film starring Marina de Tavira
Ready to skinny-dip
Just barely
Making comfortable
Musical performance
Round tent dwelling
Cuatro times 29-Across
ATM code
City run by King Momo five days per year
Pharmacology and botany, for two
Pour-over product
Have yet to be decided
Angel's ring
___ Vegas Aces
Lager alternative
Instructor on a mat
URL ending
Ain't, formally
Ancient Roman costume
GPS approximation
Gets on the highway