July 12 2019, USA Today

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Hang in there
Prime Cuts pet food brand
Philatelist's buy
Lumber processor
"13th" director DuVernay
Disc ___ (game with tee pads)
"Diana" singer Paul
Place for a facial
Use a wiretap
___-aging cream
Trite humor
Pretzel shape
___ Bell (Anne Bronte)
Canon camera
Kisses, symbolically
Movie trailer, e.g.
Used a squeegee
World's smallest republic
Purplish bloom
Position strategically
Divider of Niagara Falls
"Star Wars" creator George
Abbr. before a founding date
Clockmaker Thomas
Geoffrey of fashion
Words of confidence
Vinland explorer Leif
Recede gradually
___ toast (crisp bread)
Kit ___ (wafer bar)
Out of business
Classic Welles role
Pandora's boxful
Tabloid hoverers
Apple Watch assistant
Source of Italian bubbly
Parrot owner's buy
Slop trough site
Rule, brieflyend
UNLV part
"Roots," e.g.
Utah ski resort
The Bard's river
Attach, as a corsage
Tethered astronaut's activity
"The Jetsons" dog
Snare drum neighbor
All-in-one printer function
Windshield option
Put forth, as a theory
Meadow mother
One of the Bobbseys
Release in advance of an album
Mule of folk music
Bored with it all
Broadway salute to Blake
Additive sold at NAPA
Put on the books
White flag's message
Fished for unagi
Teensy bit
Cause of many accidents
Grafton's "___ for Malice"
Cornhusker State (Abbr.)
"Holy cow!"
Winter driving danger
HOV lane vehicle
Maria, "La Divina" of opera
Saintly symbols
Where the second parts of 17-, 29- and 46-Across might get you
Like a blown-out candle
Cookie in some ice cream
Kitty input
In a peevish mood
Speak manually
"The butler ___ it"