January 15 2022, USA Today

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Letters before a heads-up
"No need to be afraid"
Diminish gradually
Toboggans and luges
Rusyn or Croat, e.g.
Makes less wild
Zodiac symbol with scales
Abolitionist Prince
Turn back to zero
Totally crushes it
Trident-shaped Greek letter
Used a map
Only Greek letter ending in "o"
Rental car brand
Device that tells you where to go
Happening at an opportune moment
Music genre related to skramz
Comedian Love
Have another go at
"Walk ___ Moons" (Creech novel)
Come to know
___ Lanka
Edward at the helm of British Vogue
Ren faire garments that are laced up
Sponsored posts, e.g.
Get together
Happy ___ clam
Haircuts that remove split ends
Rains hard
Bonaly who's the only Olympic skater to land a backflip on one blade
Red carpet headpiece
Far from difficult
An adjective modifies one
Baking measurement (Abbr.)
One of the five W'send
ArchCity Defenders' city, briefly
My amiga's
Cyan relative
Without toppings
Figure skating jump
Walk through water
Beth Carvalho's genre
"Mona ___"
Historic home of the Ojibwe and Metis on the U.S./Canada border
Grind together
Travel the ocean
Martians, e.g. (Abbr.)
Graphic novel sound effect
"I ___ you one!"
Part of the Big Dipper
Defib expert
Te ___ ("I love you")
Old Faithful's park
State west of 46-Across, for short
15th-century Quechua people
Water surrounding a castle
Potato state (Abbr.)
Nonverbal greeting
Had some bibimbap
Tears to pieces
Tends to risotto
Vermont range
Singer Marley
Money in Ireland
Not too many
Big Australian birds
Lose all moisture
The "R" of RBG
One of six awarded to Maya Moore
Word before "Jose" or "Juan"
"And . . ."