May 14 2022, Universal

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Lose traction
Show about drag ball culture
Tomato variety
Barinholtz of "The Mindy Project"
"___ Girls" (2000-2007 TV series)
Bog material
Raison d'___
Sounds heard on landlines
Addams family cousin
Internet uploads that are viewed millions of times
"I'm baaacckk!"
Skin care brand
College sports channel
Apt rhyme for "doom"
Stats for sluggers
"Instrument" for a "womp womp" moment
Does sum work?
Hindi honorifics
It may be pressed at the start of a video call
Person who donates
"Brain" hidden in "logic puzzle"
Unpretentiously simple
Fifth-century invaders
"Friday Night Vibes" channel
Pasta sauce brand
"___ of your beeswax!"
It's "read" during a scolding
Feudal figure
Place to exchange vows
Sierra ___ (African country)
Words exchanged at weddings
Massage therapist's supplies
Site for selling handmade crafts
Hosts, informally
___ chi
Bit of parsley
Foot treatment, for short
Tarzan might swing on one
"Really no need to explain further"
Suffix for "senior"
"One of you has betrayed me"
Get back to a host
Mattar paneer legume
Roadside stopover
Noodle soup with a tonkotsu variety
Phillipa of "Hamilton"
Piece of art that depicts a scene
Overblown flattery
Belgian chocolate company
Like some R-rated humor
"___ is 20/20"
College west of Penn
Apply sloppily
Handles paired with passwords
Bridle straps
Sports analyst McFarland
Roaring beasts
Reunion attendee, often
FaceTime software
Leave alone
Himalayan region that celebrates Losar
What makes the earth turn?
"The Wizard of Oz" pooch
Cliched excuse for missing homework
Mystery writer, for short?
They may elicit sighs of relief
Actress Russo
Word after "jam" or "cuddle"
Faintly lit?