March 13 2023, Universal

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Payment option
Vegas casino with an operatic name
Amish or Quakers
"That's hilarious!"
Appliances at some bakeries
When signaled
Loyal Japanese dog
Plums that flavor gin
Boy toys?
It'll get a few laughs
Animated character
Like a bad genius
"And ___ more" (birthday song addition)
Before now
Feel unwell
Island country northeast of Australia
Was wrong
Frame for a pane
"Don't be so chicken!"
Spots to hang Christmas lights
Finn's neighbor
___ Romeo (Italian car)
Gravy thickener
Mean giant
Drive-in burger chain
Gave in
Listing agent's client
Fla.'s "Sunshine City"
Computer command after cut
Less typical
"Attack" on the fridge
Voice above tenor
Without a doubt
Footnote abbr.
Dorm division
Remove from power
Ultimate fighting sport, for short
Payment option
"Don't sit there wondering!"
Agenda part
Word after "rest" or "restricted"
Low spot for a tattoo
Kind of lox
Rolling in money
"Unlimited talk, text and ___"
Exposed publicly
One's partner?
Relax in the tub
Movement with healing crystals
Feudal lords
Pop star Grande's nickname
Winning big-time
Like cookie dough
Large coffee vessels
Tedious tasks ... or, parsed differently, the ends of 23-Across, 28-Down and 30-Down?
Sheltered bay
Second chance
Mink's coat
Japanese wheat noodle
Jazz instruments ... or, parsed differently, tools for chopping 41-Across?
Container for peonies
Use a napkin on
Half of seis
Mischievous people
Powerful Apple tablet
Order ___ carte
Sleep ... or, parsed differently, the result of chopping 41-Across?
Debtor's promise
That thing's
Insect whose letters appear in "exterminate"
Cry from Homer Simpson
Device for texts but not calls
Defib expert