March 15 2019, Penny Dell - Easy

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Airport transport
Pop diva
Long, loud cry
Mr. Gershwin
Intense anger
Teen's skin bane
Roofing goo
Outer border
Time before Easter
Receded, as the tide
Fish's "arm"
Pipes and hoses
Large serving dish
Martin or McQueen
Flowed, as water
"Against" vote
Be sick
Furry aquatic animal
A beach bird: 2 wds.
In a jumble
Imitate a tailor
Mental picture
Computer info
Mooing mama
Sailor's "hello"
Involving the mouth
Caviar source
Sleeps briefly
Like a flu sufferer
McMahon and Bradley
Quote (references)
Swift steed
Cutting remark
Accounting entry
"If I ____ a hammer..."
Poultry product
Coral ridge
Shelled edible
High card
Rural hotel
Enjoy a meal
Common contraction
Bear's cave
Wipe clean
Male sweetheart
Trade for money
Formal school dance
Hardly punctual
Social insects
Money of Japan
Written themes
Bread grain
With great passion
Fitness room
"Stop!," to a horse
Farm measure
Fleecy females
Rather or Aykroyd
"I get it!"
Rainbow curve
Cheerleader's cheer