September 15 2021,

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Secret plot
Actress Stone or Watson
Show remorse
Sound like a lion
Had on
''Terrible'' tot
Nickname for Ireland
__ Diego, CA
Prohibit by law
Makes corrections to
Begin to blush
Pesky flies
New Year's Eve party song
Where land meets ocean
Days before holidays
Took one's turn
Birds that coo
Artist's inspiration
Tax agcy.
Smallest Great Lake
Nashville music show
Makes a jump
Elevator stops
Cooks over boiling water
__ carte menu
One __ time (singly)
Informal ''isn't''
''Show Boat'' song
Much-admired celebrity
One end of a bed
Keep from happening
Damp, as a lawn at dawn
Firecracker's cord
Minimal money
Leopards and lions
Engaged in combat
Legendary trailblazer Daniel
Director Spike
Quick trip to the store
Once in a blue __
Prefix meaning ''bad''
Battle of the Bulge region of Belgium
Candies and cookies
Sugar substitute in foods
Getting little rainfall
Cash register compartment
Cain's younger brother
Issues sold at newsstands
Pointy pub game projectile
Scheduled to arrive
River's flood barrier
Rocket launching agency
Private __ (detectives)
Big gulp
Mister, in Munich
Store ad phrase
Falls asleep
Stops, as a squeak
Tuna salad ingredient
Dutch cheese
Paid player
In a tidy way
Think ahead
Poe's black bird
Back of a boat
Sand castle's undoing
Pop singer Tori
Overly stylish
Baseball great Gehrig
Knock on the door
''__ been thinking . . .''