September 11 2019,

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Plane safety agcy.
In separate places
Makes a mistake
Clever comment
Jonas Salk's conquest
Backyard shelters for canines
Shrub or bush
One-celled creature
Rectangular shapes
High-IQ club
Brazilian dance
Big Apple baseballers
Watch-crystal mineral
Sanctuaries for dads
Operate an auto
Israeli airline
Gives off
Dressed (in)
Good reasoning
Backyard structures for moms
Diplomatic skill
Raise, as a flag
Short animated film
Kenya's continent
Callers to tech support
Elevated backyard areas for kids
Large metal bolt
Arena crowd sound
Shed tears
Work assignments
Fully aware of
All ready to go
Wharton hero Ethan
Inert gas in the atmosphere
Hibachi residue
Ocean hue
Subway alternative
Be deceitful
__ salts (bath additive)
Clap for the cast
Sport on horseback
Actor Alda
Sound of a doorbell
Dutch cheese
President born in the '60s
Grilled meal, for short
Flower stalk
Helps out
December 24th, for instance
Curve of a foot
Make angry
Broadcast commercial
Last letters, in London
Blend together
Natural skin balm
Reminds overly often
Cut out, as coupons
''You can say __ again!''
Brief moment, for short
Pair of emcees
Office personnel
Opening comments
New jobholder
Duo times four
Sound hoarse
Rudely brief
Cambodia's continent
Races an engine
Difficult journey
Prefix meaning ''flying''
Director Howard
Have a meal