July 11 2019, NewsDay.com

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Throaty sound
Lemony Snicket villain
Innocent victim
Commencement, for one
Apollo's __ excursion module
Printer cartridge color
Taiwanese PC brand
''Dilbert'' woman
With 39 Across, ''We'' follower
Royal reigns, to historians
What to call her
Urgent signal
It's seen on a spine
Buckeyes' sch.
Animal-observation adventure
Author Oz
See 20 Across [then 55 Across]
Bump in the road
Tim new to Cooperstown
Introducer of 33-rpm records
2009 Peace Nobelist
Wintry mix
Cinephile's channel
Drive-thru device
American snorkeling mecca
''. . . that all men __.''
Certain flock member
Quaint preposition
Brand of little bricks
Something in the air
Unspoiled place
''Gladiator'' setting
Playfully impudent
Lone Ranger shout
End of some lists
''The Father of Genetics''
Corn Belt city
Velcro alternative
Handheld hackers
Ladder company signal
Bordeaux wine
Netflix competitor
Condos, e.g.
Cider-making machine
Long lock
Small fry
''Help __ the way!''
Loud horn
Mario Puzo subject
Partook of
Make fizzy
Easily ignited
In times past
Bit of info
Sense of self
Offspring, to genealogists
Grain in some soups
Distilled spirits
Florida's ''Big Guava''
Be a balladeer
Enter a freeway
Aftermarket purchase
Singer Mama __ Elliot
Cancel out
Particle depicted on Emmys
Stuff of legends