April 15 2019, NewsDay.com

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Emotionally distant
__-addressed stamped envelope
Enjoy a novel
Transitional state
Car-wheels connector
The five vowels
Fancy hired car
Leaning Tower's city
Company's on-staff accountant
Bull at a bullfight
Cherry's color
Bagged, as potatoes
Astronaut Armstrong
''Steady as __ goes''
Construction-site hoister
Pekoes, for example
Apple's music player
With 39 Across, income distribution to partners
See 37 Across
All over again
Religious offshoot
Lake boat
Very angry
Flat-topped hill
Truck-stop eateries
Lost traction
Appliance's extended warranty
Toothpaste holder
Typical Saudi
British noblemen
Ireland nickname
Take a cab or bus
T-bone or sirloin
Rolling stone's lack
Looks at
Sports squads
Jai __ (fast-paced game)
Property claim
Don't include
Woodwind instrument
Dozen two
Of the sun
The Dalai __
Very quick
Turnpike turnoff
In addition
''__ Sir or Madam . . .''
Show agreement silently
State next to Md.
Concert venue
__ in (collapsed)
Was sure of
Sunrise direction
Pay tribute to
Outer boundaries
Golf platforms
Teheran's country
Pre-owned vehicles
Decisive appraisal
Flow in abundance
1,501 in Roman numerals
Unpleasant noise
Pizzeria appliances
Tips of ears
Flower stalk
Money in France
Sluggers' stats.
A Great Lake
Size up
Chowder morsel
Sounds of disapproval