October 13 2021, New York Times

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Chin dimple
Lawn care supply
Low-carb "stone age" diet
Night before
Vodka ___
They're often used with people, but rarely with pets
Psychoanalyst Fromm
First and only female prime minister of India
Poker variety
With 8-Down, street with no outlet
"___ Enfants Terribles" (Cocteau novel)
That, in Spanish
Something you might say at a doctor's office
"Red Cube" sculptor with an eponymous museum in New York
Colosseo locale
Word after launch or lily
Item on a list
First M.L.B. player to enter the Meikyukai (a Japanese baseball hall of fame)
Justice who died in 2016
Chilly air
Period, essentially
Krazy ___
New Deal agcy.
Merch stand staple
Fashion designer and judge on "Project Runway All Stars"
Tree with papery bark
Island nation once home to the dodo
Join forces
Like-it-or-loathe-it bread piece
N.J. town next to Palisades Park
Exodus leader
See 65-Down
See 65-Down
Two-striper in the Army: Abbr.
Golden State team, on scoreboards
Chicago trains
Cover for the bed of a pickup truck
Highway hauler
"Your turn," on a walkie-talkie
See 25-Across
Extremely undecided
Not going anywhere
Embarrassment of ___
Crystalline rock
TV's Don Draper, e.g.
Dip for chips, informally
Prince, for one
___ buco
Gardener's soil
Tribe that considers the Grand Canyon its creation place
"Puttin' on the ___"
Knight's armor
Needle-nosed fish
Thick soup noodle
Its logo is four interlocking circles
Popular toffee bar
Eartha who played Catwoman
Sure things
Instrument invented in medieval India
Go into a higher gear
One who loves to shred some gnar pow
Betting setting
Classic consoles
Songwriter Mann
"Take two and ___ right" (old baseball adage)
Opéra division
Like cutting and pushing
Réunion, for one
With 70- and 71-Across, agree ... and a phonetic hint to this puzzle's theme