July 31 2020, New York Times

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Ball in a gym, maybe
More than buds
Country whose name is believed to come from ancient Greek for "honey-sweet"
Prefix with static or dynamic
Superhero in "The Incredibles"
Sports org. headquartered in Indianapolis
They're made up of stacked sheets
Ram sign
Director Lee
Whiskey or beer choice
Columbia athlete
"The Color Purple" protagonist
It's used in a flash
Org. for good drivers
Like some monogrammed towels
1980s-'90s series set in California
Way to go ... or, as two words, lead-in to "way to go"
Bring down
Trainees known to work notoriously long hours
Med. device regulator
Scrunches up
Some like it hot
Lead-in to amorous
One may be cooped up
Not sleepy
Stage for a big star?
Pants, slangily
TV host in the World Golf Hall of Fame
Life partner
"The funny thing is ..."
The Forest Service is part of it, in brief
Brand with "Classic" and "Wavy" varieties
Diplomatic gift from China
Made peace
Crush something?
Feature of Tokyo's Imperial Palace
Secured, as a sailor's rope
Signal for help
Actress Alice of old Hollywood
Abbr. aptly hidden in COMPASSES
Eyebrow-filling technique
"What's that ___?"
"What's that ___?"
Número atómico of lithium
Hilton ___, Pulitzer-winning critic for The New Yorker
Be behind
Beyond awkward
Groin pulls?
A.P. English subj.
Gymnastics eponym of a double back somersault with three twists
Meteor showers?
Food-filled field
Blows away
Like 50 U.S. senators
Not yet astir
Cold brew
Los ___ (city in Silicon Valley)
___ code
In one ear?
Movie reviewers often trash them
Act like a shark, in a way
Density symbols
"___ pass"
Day when the Last Supper is commemorated: Abbr.