May 6 2021, LA Times

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Hogwarts' Mrs. Norris is one
Long-dist. threat
Night vision?
Bed covering
Wearer of hot pants?
Milhous : Nixon :: __ : Garfield
Big wind
One of the British?
Progressive rival
Common sights on Roman roads
Louisiane, par exemple
Soil expert's observations?
Fully enjoys
Alaska's __ Peninsula
Kid's backyard apparatus
"What's the __?"
Pixar clownfish
Grafton's "__ for Outlaw"
Tiny shape-shifters
Contest where anglers compete while jogging on the shore?
Musical array
Tokyo sash
Debtor's list
Highlands group
Sumatran swingers
It might be square
Sudoku box fillers: Abbr.
Tennis garb
Penetrating wind
Steffi's tennis-playing spouse
In the know
Show eager anticipation
In vogue, with "the"
Where all the Aberdeen lads get together?
Logo on many sneakers
__ roll
Prepare to ride, in a way
Coral Sea sight
She plays Hermione in "Harry Potter" films
Big-headed club
Rocket end?
Spanish muralist
Vegas table postings
It feels like forever
IRS enforcers
"Mansplain" was added to it in Jan. 2018
Reward units
Knee-socks, essentially
Jupiter's locale
Bad in Barcelona
Wide companion
Cafés and such
K, to Kay
Tried to sink, maybe
Adventurous Centennial State motto?
Greek love god
All together
"That's really spiffy!"
Long journey
__ noire
Barbie's original bestie
Ward of "Sisters"
Spa sounds
__ corps
Detective Dick's love
King of Spain
Select from a menu, with "on"
Divider of rows
Prey grabber
Scheming Shakespearean soldier
Trucker, often
Overflows (with)
Rain forest parrot
Clears of condensation
Bit attachments
Clean the slate
Island in the stream
Barracks break
Paul's "Ebony and Ivory" partner
Like the studio forced to quit making 007 movies?
Strong support
Bodybuilder's pride
Tiny stingers
Formal proposal
Feudal land
Architect Jones
Bothersome goings-on
Ugli, for one
Doctored drinks
Nobel Institute city
TV Drs. Isles and Quincy
Pull the plug
Web destination
Barrett of S Club 7
Outback bounders
Force out of office
Basic finish?
Singer's cue
You might pick one up in a bar
See 95-Down
Aviator __ Garros, French Open stadium namesake
Knock follower?
Diner perch
To make sure
Shed __
Pipe fastener
Eduardo's eye
Percussionist who worked with Prince
Fable lesson
"__ Magnolias": 1989 film
How some insects get their news?
Floor model
Popular jeans
Seaside glider
Fr. title
Start to print?
Altar exchange
Top at Starbucks
Glass fragment
Muck partner
"War of the Worlds" invaders
With 50-Down, "Double Fantasy" artist
Big name in pharaohs
Wild fights
Ice bucket accessory
Walking tall
__ tactic
More valuable, in some cases
One-named singer
Wine from Hungary
Portrayer of the first female Colonel Sanders, familiarly
Geometry figure
Needing a little more drying time
Publisher Chandler
Title for Elton