February 23 2021, LA Times

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Some artists' quarters
Come to a halt
About, on a memo
All-__: versatile machine
Bizet's "Habanera," for one
Handle roughly
Holiday bloom
USO show audience
All lathered up
Magical lamp dweller
Jong and Durance
Oscar winner Kingsley
Taft's University of Cincinnati position
Things sometimes found under a tree
Wolf cries
1959 folk hit with the line "Charlie couldn't get off of that train"
Gave out cards
Animal house
Time of your life
Prolonged battle
Number that's part of a nap
UPS vehicle
__ Plaines
Rice or wheat
"Dilbert" creator Adams
Day for voting: Abbr.
Sleek, in car talk
Parlor pieces, and a hint to each set of circles
Dryer trap target
MLB Tiger, for one
Artist Max
Grandson of Adam
Heap affection (on)
Continues intensely, as a storm
Feudal lord
Natural gas, coal, etc.
Atlanta-based station
Goes up and down
Pamplona parlor
Vacation choice
Like a slippery garage floor
Be about to happen
Palindromic bread
Designer Gernreich
"What __ can I do?"
Singer Diana
Hair products
Lions and tigers
Lightning flash
Support the team
Composer Carmichael
Young hooter
Online advertising
__ a one: none
"Bus Stop" playwright
Fizzles out
Centers of activity
Norse name similar to Stephen
To a greater degree
Campus cadets' org.
Care for
__-force winds
Equestrian's strap
River of Pisa
Farm storage unit
Tech news site
Shrek, e.g.
Bundle of cash
Altar in the sky