August 31 2020, LA Times

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Asks for a treat, as a boxer
Site of a boxer's attack
Chocolate syrup brand since 1928
Circus prefix with bat
Diva's delivery
"This __ much!": "I'm overwhelmed!"
Rental vehicles for self-moving
"Pleasantly" chubby
President after Madison
Mother-of-pearl sources
Has title to
__ standstill
Tea biscuit
Designed for comfort and efficiency
Guffaw syllable
Pirate in "Hook"
U.S. state with the lowest average annual rainfall
Horse known for its endurance
Not fer
Wisdom teeth, e.g.
Fabled loch
Stooge Howard
Rainy day protectors
Casual conversations
Contend (for)
Bro of van Gogh
Dedicatee of an annual MLB tribute game
Lion's warnings
Lost-one's-place words often preceded by the two-letter start of 17-, 29- and 49-Across
Lake craft
Bubbly-textured Nestlé chocolate bar
Muscle pain
Change for the better
Tall tale
Classic Jaguars
Wicked Witch of the West creator
Mom's mom
Become disenchanted with
Poe's "ebony bird"
Nest egg letters
Columbus ship
Double-winged WWI aircraft
Norway's capital
Leave slack-jawed
"Sorry, my mistake"
The Home Depot competitor
Shows contrition
Former SeaWorld star
Off-the-cushion billiards shot
Dental care brand
Spanish queen
Caesar's eggs
Molten rock
Curved-top candy shapes
Mosque visitor
Made changes in
Play division
Wiggle room
Hair-removal substance
White wader
26-Down, for one
Rich soil
"Great" dog breed
Suffix with Jumbo
Flightless bird
__ of lamb
Tennis great Arthur
Crusty desserts
Goof up