October 9 2019, Daily Pop Crosswords

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"Missile Command" game company
Parking lot device
Move to a new container, as a houseplant
Wears away
"Legends of Tomorrow" actor who turns 40 today (2 wds.)
Nine-time NHL All-Star Bobby
"Glamour" publisher Condé ___
Animal logo on a Dodge truck
Solemn ceremony
"Goosebumps" series novelist R.L. ___
Huxtable character played by Phylicia Rashad
"The Art of Racing in the ___" (2019 Milo Ventimiglia film)
"NCIS: New Orleans" actor who turns 65 today (2 wds.)
"Crazy Rich Asians" actress Gemma
Actresses Stone and Watson
Fashion designer Karan
Capital of Canada
___-dried tomatoes
Mended using stitches, with "up"
High-flying tennis shot
"The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" actor who turns 66 today (2 wds.)
"Peanuts" dog who pilots an imaginary Sopwith Camel
Tubular pasta
Bowls over
Demanding more time and attention than most
Ann ___, Michigan
Country singer Clark or Gibbs
In pieces
"This Is Us" Emmy winner ___ Cephas Jones
"___ be my pleasure!"
Actress Suvari of "American Beauty" and "American Pie"
Makes a mistake
Friendly horn sounds
End of a professor's email address
Result of a hung jury, often
"Life's About to Get Good" singer Twain
Airing in the wee hours (2 wds.)
"I'll Make Love to You" R&B group Boyz II ___
East Coast home of the NCAA's Huskies (Abbr.)
Bottom-row PC key
Have confidence (in)
"Let's Put Smart to Work" tech company
Kid sister of Beezus Quimby, in Beverly Cleary books
Makes oneself heard
Huge guns
Actress Dennings of the "Thor" films
Long-term bank investments, for short
"___ wish" (line from "The Princess Bride") (2 wds.)
Without a partner
"Downton ___" (2019 film continuation of a hit TV show)
World Series of Poker channel
___ and wherefores (reasons)
"I'm ___ a robot" (phrase with CAPTCHA tests)
"Grey's Anatomy" extra, for short
"___ Haw" (old variety show)