March 15 2019, Daily Pop Crosswords

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"Under the ___" (TV series based on a Stephen King novel)
Tic-___-toe (pencil game)
Deadly Egyptian snake
Tennis player Osaka who won the 2018 US Open and the 2019 Australian Open
Color nuance
Fight (for)
Suit for a knight
List in detail, as on a tax form
Comedian and late-night host who voices Steve the porcupine in 43-Across (2 wds.)
"Full Metal Jacket" actor Matthew
Fenway team, for short
"Rosemary's Baby" and "The Stepford Wives" writer Levin
Cereal grain
School near Beverly Hills (Abbr.)
Comedian and "Saturday Night Live" cast member who voices Gus the beaver in 43-Across (2 wds.)
"Benevolent" fraternal group
Memorable stretch of time
Independent international aid provider (Abbr.)
"O Brother, Where ___ Thou?" (Coen brothers' film)
Coloring stick
2019 animated film featuring talking animals (2 wds.)
"My mind is made up!" (3 wds.)
Church instrument
"My Big ___ Greek Wedding"
Many "Guardians of the Galaxy" characters, for short
"Toy Story" cowboy voiced by Tom Hanks
Form 1040 reviewer (Abbr.)
Get married to
Lymph ___
"Jurassic Park" genetic material, for short
Rowboat blade
"Don't Tell ___ the Babysitter's Dead" (Christina Applegate film)
Smiley Face with Smiling Eyes, e.g.
Dashiell Hammett's "The ___ Man"
Former "The Voice" judge Green
Tel ___, Israel
"Super ___ Me" (2004 documentary about the fast-food industry)
Social equal
Like some clothing patches (Hyph.)
Confused situation (Hyph.)
1995 Al Pacino/Robert De Niro heist film
"___ & Molly" (Melissa McCarthy sitcom)
Former Dodger pitcher Hershiser
Disagreeably damp
Word that starts every "Friends" episode title
"Our House" rock band, for short
Twitter's blue bird, e.g.
Unattributed, as a quote (Abbr.)
Carne ___ (meaty burrito filling)
"Free Willy" whale, e.g.
Fatty tissue in bone cavities
Extend a library loan
Overused, as an expression
Ohio home of minor league baseball's RubberDucks
Connection offered at many coffee shops (Hyph.)
"Lawrence of Arabia" actor Sharif
Hockey targets
Condition once called "shell shock," for short
Sticky gunk
"It just doesn't ___ up"
TV "Science Guy" Bill