February 14 2020, Daily Pop Crosswords

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Pinkberry competitor
Big name in sound systems
Tax-deferred nest egg, briefly
Only state with a non-rectangular flag
Olympic contestants
Actress who stars in the romcom "The Proposal" (2 wds.)
Hit half of a record (2 wds.)
Helpful hint
Disney girl who adopted Stitch
Starter course
Cute ___ button (2 wds.)
Actress Sorvino who has a recurring role in the web series "StartUp"
Fanta or Fresca
Actress who stars in the romcom "The Wedding Planner" (2 wds.)
Choir voice below soprano
Grocery carryall
Last letter of most plural words
More than drizzles
Large bodies of water
"Dig in!"
End-of-term exam
Actress who stars in the romcom "The Wedding Singer" (2 wds.)
"Head of the Class" actor Howard
"Free Willy" whale
Across the pool and back
CrossFit sets
Former Don Johnson TV drama "___ Bridges"
Sleep restlessly
Spiced tea brewed in milk
Sticky situation
Alpine melody
Sound from a sheep
Gambling parlor letters
Open-and-___ case
New York Harbor's ___ Island
"Who am ___ judge?" (2 wds.)
Shortened word before "room" or "center"
Suggest, as a price
Texas home of Sun Bowl Stadium (2 wds.)
"Spider-Man" trilogy director Sam
Raise up
Cookies that once came in collectible tins
Unhurried pace
Sidewalk stand drinks, for short
Häagen-___ ice cream
Slightly open
"Gone Girl" actress Ward
Voting against
"Laugh-In" comedian Johnson
"I haven't gotten any updates" (2 wds.)
Like a grove of trees
Civil War sword
"Love, ___" (romcom starring Nick Robinson)
No longer wild
"Sleepless in Seattle" writer/director Ephron
Curved lines drawn with a compass
Actress Remini of "The King of Queens"
UPS rival with a red-and-yellow logo
Belfast-born actor Stephen
Clairvoyant's gift, for short
Cardi B's music genre
ICU caregivers (Abbr.)