August 14 2019, Daily Pop Crosswords

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Devices on a band's tour bus
"Scarecrow and ___ King" (1980s TV series)
Spot to get a shot
"Party All Night" metal band Quiet ___
Round green veggie
Traveler's stopover
2014 Disney musical film starring 47-Across as Cinderella (3 wds.)
What the beverage cart blocks on an airplane
La-Z-Boy room
"In one ___ and out the other"
"Let's Make a Deal" choices
Dictator Amin played by Forest Whitaker in "The Last King of Scotland"
___-liver oil
Toad's friend in kiddie lit
Film franchise about an all-girl a capella group starring 47-Across as singer Beca Mitchell (2 wds.)
Shaped like an avocado
"Strange Magic" band, for short
Gives the green light, for short
Airport aggravation
Tech giant known as "Big Blue"
Boring routine
14-Across and 31-Across singer/actress who was born August 9, 1985 (2 wds.)
"Spanglish" actress Leoni
Neighbor of Washington State (Abbr.)
"Darkest Hour" Best Actor Oscar winner Oldman
The Weather Channel graphic
Trivial complaint
Flightless Outback birds
Diva's solo
___ Cooper (compact car)
Stovetop items
"How the Grinch ___ Christmas!" (Dr. Seuss book)
Speedometer reading (Abbr.)
Film critic Rex
Cut, as firewood
Book jacket info
"Sorry to eat ___ run ... "
Hospital staffers (Abbr.)
"I'd like to ___ the world to sing ... " (line from a classic Coca-Cola ad)
Like most light switches (Hyph.)
Double Dutch need
Cookie added to a McFlurry
Loser to paper and winner over scissors
Some police personnel (Abbr.)
Music-playing Apple device
Leap off the high board
Slanted type style (Abbr.)
Lunch-hour destination
Santa ___ (Silicon Valley city)
Dressed like a judge
Alaska's longest river
Homer Simpson's wife
Actress Polo of "Little Fockers"
"The King and I" locale
Almond-like color
"The ___ the limit!"
24/7 cash source
Cultural funding group (Abbr.)
Midday doze
Ping-pong table divider