April 15 2019, Daily Pop Crosswords

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"___ Men" (four-time Emmy winner for Outstanding Drama Series)
Drink with a fast-food meal, maybe
Blue jeans choice
CNN political commentator Navarro
Keep ___ (persist) (2 wds.)
Puppy sounds
The CW dramedy starring 49-Across (3 wds.)
Bent item in an office-supplies superstore logo
Farmyard dwellings
Lancelot and Mix-a-Lot
Use a mouse
iPad reading
In the past
Lando Calrissian player Billy ___ Williams
Netflix animated adventure series featuring the voice of 49-Across as the title character (2 wds.)
Took cover
School-of-thought suffix
Firebug's offense
First to go down at the bowling alley, often (2 wds.)
Arab noble
Big name in college cuisine
Singer Franklin known as the "Queen of Soul"
"Miss Bala" actress who stars in 15-Across and 31-Across (2 wds.)
Universal blood donor's type, for short (2 wds.)
"Everybody Wants to ___ the World" (Tears for Fears hit song)
X-ray kin, briefly
Make eyes at
Degrees for financial advisors (Abbr.)
Slangy word before or after "who"
Army bigwigs (Abbr.)
Pre-med subject (Abbr.)
"China Beach" actress Delany
Graceful and stealthy as a feline
"Some ___ time" ("Not now")
Stretch the truth
Off-road rides, for short
Song words
Raring to go
2011-'17 Showtime comedy series starring Matt LeBlanc
Phished-for info (Abbr.)
___ salts (foot-soaking stuff)
"The show's starting!" (2 wds.)
Bratty outburst
Toy block brand with a Ninjago line
NCIS Director Vance played by Rocky Carroll
Canyon backtalk
Actor Conrad of "Diff'rent Strokes"
Selecting Girl Scout cookies, say
"Molly's ___" (Jessica Chastain film about underground poker rings)
West Coast NFLer, for short
Milk companies
Outlet store disclaimer (Abbr.)
"Face the Nation" group
The NAACP ___ Awards
Actress Gibbs of "The Jeffersons"
Bar patron who appears in every "Cheers" episode
Antacid brand
"___ Comes the Sun" (Beatles song)
Actor Ansari of "Parks and Recreation"
Sticky stuff
"I ___ thee ... " (words during a knighting ceremony)