September 16 2020, Crosswords With Friends

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Layered hairstyle, or plush carpet
Type of shelter that participants on "Naked and Afraid" might build
Participate in drama class, say
The front of a newspaper, for example
Beer made by Lagunitas: Abbr.
Sallie ___ (college loan agency)
Boyz II Men 1997 hit with the line "You taught me everything": 4 wds.
Reason for indoor recess
Small bills to tip a street performer
Double-___ sword
Shape of a cricket field
Pitching ___ (old-fashioned term for flirting)
Double agent
Boyz II Men 1992 hit with the line "Still I can't let go": 4 wds.
___ up (accelerates, like an engine)
Take the blue ribbon
Plastic item seen in cornrows
Adorable bear that's a symbol of China
Dump at the altar
Middle Eastern country with 43 Olympic wrestling medals
Boyz II Men 1994 hit with the line "I'm begging you, begging you come back to me": 3 wds.
Sense of self-importance
Pie ___ mode (pastry topped with ice cream): 2 wds.
"Whose cruel idea was it for the word '___' to have an S in it?" (Steven Wright joke)
Piece of furniture to sleep on
Wonder Woman's friend ___ Candy
Place to go for a full-body scrub
"This ___ got to stop!"
Back in time
Comedy or romance, for example
Old record player: Hyph.
"Never give ___ your dreams": 2 wds.
Black roofing material
Company that makes microwaves and refrigerators
Animal you could ride in a desert
Brewed beverages that can be black, green, or white
Actor Josh who stars on HBO's "Avenue 5"
___ and shaker (influential person)
Lamb's mother
Mob honcho
Thor or Zeus, for example
Grand ___ Opry (Nashville attraction)
Channel whose first video was "Video Killed the Radio Star"
Post Honey ___ (breakfast cereal)
Deliver a formal speech
Have title to
Helping hand
Paternity test evidence: Abbr.
Weekly game at some churches
Joint in the upper body
Tablet of paper
Joint in the lower body
Kangaroo baby
Just sitting around
Apprehend, as a thief
Minor quibble
Suffix for superlative words
Federal watchdog for emissions: Abbr.