September 15 2021, Crosswords With Friends

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Boxing gloves cover them
Spot on a playing card or domino
"___ better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"
Alfa ___ (Italian sports car)
It's opposite WSW on a compass: Abbr.
"Eh, ___ seen better"
Best New Artist Grammy, for example
Beverage that sounds like "ail"
It includes Manhattan and Queens: Abbr.
"Vision of Love" singer who won the Best New Artist Grammy in 1991: 2 wds.
Suffix for "depend" or "respond"
Put in sutures
___ Candy (Steve Trevor's assistant in "Wonder Woman")
Charged atom
___ Black (Harry Potter's godfather)
With 33-Across, "Blue" singer who won the Best New Artist Grammy in 1997
See 30-Across
Breathed heavily, like an overheated dog
Professional's cost
Shape on Texas's flag
Group that can help drivers locked out of their cars: Abbr.
"___-Ra and the Princesses of Power" (Netflix animated series)
"Another Sad Love Song" singer who won the Best New Artist Grammy in 1994: 2 wds.
Bill and ___ (talk lovingly)
Card game with Wild Draw Four cards
"To say the ___!"
Hydroelectric facility
"Floribama Shore" cable channel
Furious feeling
Where swine are confined
Likely to talk back
Incriminate with false evidence
Person from the Hawkeye State
Like a straight-A student
Actress Garr or Hatcher
Dr Pepper, for example
Opposite of war
Relatives acquired through marriage: Hyph.
Fellow member of a jury
"A Christmas Carol" boy who uses a crutch: 2 wds.
Plant that could climb a trellis
"Hang on just a ___"
Cable rival of QVC
Second day of the workweek, usually: Abbr.
Opening credits sequence, for short
"Are You the ___?" (reality show)
Old-style record albums: Abbr.
Snack on hummus and pita, say
"Grey's ___" (drama starring Ellen Pompeo)
Small and delicate
A bridge too ___ (something overly ambitious)
Opposite of below
Mates for does
They attach to yard sprinklers
Contest submission
Under the effects of novocaine
"What a pity!"
Lucy Lawless's most famous role
AOL once sent out millions of them: Abbr.
Cracklin' ___ Bran (breakfast cereal)