November 24 2022, Crosswords With Friends

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Store event with reduced prices
Title of #1 hits by Van Halen and Kris Kross
Spider's trap
Like reports given in front of the class
In days ___ (way back when): 2 wds.
Plant that climbs up a brick wall
Glam rock legend who won a posthumous Best Alternative Music Album Grammy in 2017 for "Blackstar": 2 wds.
Penalty charge
Ease up
Gym shoe
Pointy-eared figure in fantasy novels
___-pitch softball
The Price Is Right: The Barker ___ (dedicated game show channel on Roku TV)
Creature that's much like a rabbit
Dog that Garfield might kick off a table
Indie rock band that won a Best Alternative Music Album Grammy in 2020 for "Father of the Bride": 2 wds.
Celtic musician on the "Lord of the Rings" soundtrack
Animal such as a whitetail
"Thats What I Want" rapper Lil ___ X
What-___ (uncertainties)
Actress Cattrall
What actors read to learn their lines
___ drops (products made by Halls)
"What did you do that ___?"
Art pop singer-songwriter who won a Best Alternative Music Album Grammy in 2021 for "Fetch the Bolt Cutters": 2 wds.
"The gloves ___ off!"
Grammy-, Oscar-, and Tony-winning singer ___ John
Barbara who played Jeannie on "I Dream of Jeannie"
Water droplets on grass in the morning
Small city
"What ___ that prove?"
Fountain drink
Typical native of Mecca, for example
Soap brand named for hot rocks
Exclusive group
Bible book before Psalms
Inexplicable sights in the sky: Abbr.
Like a lawn that's just been cut
___ one's trade (works at one's business)
"The Time Traveler's ___" (2022 HBO series)
At any time
"Catch ya later!"
Business transaction
New ___ (capital of India)
Wacky person
Nowhere near
Night before a special occasion
Sought political office
Comedy Central's "Inside ___ Schumer"
One of the colors on the US flag
Animal that's a homophone of "you"
Room where you might see a recliner
"What's ___ name?" (Juliet's question): 2 wds.
Magazine heads: Abbr.
Unimpressive poker holding
"That spider frightened me!"
Actress Durance who's starred in many Hallmark Christmas movies
Small flute
"There's no use crying over ___ milk"
Gas-powered two-wheeler
Stick out like a ___ thumb
Rowing team
Dorothy's dog, in a 1939 movie
White weather
Hairstyle that might require hair clips
2010s show whose characters included Rachel, Artie, and Kurt
Female chickens
Temporary trend
___ Taylor (women's clothing chain)