January 15 2022, Crosswords With Friends

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Type of animal that Tarzan grew up with
Network that airs "Queens"
Ding-___ (bell's sound)
Places for baths
ABBA hit "Mamma ___"
Japanese city whose name literally means "eastern capital"
Australia's national gem
Iron-___ (some decals)
Beginning stage
"And Still I Rise" poet who will be honored on a US quarter this year: 2 wds.
Tote with great effort
"Come right in!"
Ann ___, Michigan
Was at the front of the pack
Cherokee Nation's first female principal chief who will be honored on a US quarter this year: 2 wds.
Self-image that often grows with fame
Craving attention
It's inserted into a cup of bubble tea
Glorifying poem that dates back to ancient Greece
First Chinese American Hollywood movie star who will be honored on a US quarter this year: 3 wds.
Word that can follow "needle" or "air"
Sopping ___
Some female relatives
"___ you done yet?"
Thick-skinned tubers
Ties the knot
"By all means"
Prune, as a tree branch
Tiny source of energy
Insect stage after larva
Site where people sell collectible bobbleheads
First ___ equals
Chandler's last name, on "Friends"
Job for a detective
Pastry with a hole in the middle
Grants permission for
"Bill ___ Saves the World" (former Netflix show)
"If you've ___ it, flaunt it!"
Downhill event where skiers race through flags
Bugs Bunny or Roger Rabbit, for example
Colored energy field surrounding a person, according to psychics
Vegetable that looks like an overgrown scallion
"Legally Blonde" protagonist Woods
Marsh plant
Wowed feeling
Devices in an oil field
Ink stain
Like a toddler who lost his favorite toy
Put a stop to
Freshly cut, as a golf fairway
___ 500 (annual auto race since 1911)
Room to maneuver
Simple boats that just float along
Insects that don't exist in Greenland
Hall & ___ (pop music duo)
"Go ___!" ("Scram!")
Adjective for "mortals" or "pittance"
"Finding ___" (2003 movie about a lost fish)
Hand-over-mouth reaction
Cry of a crow
"The Golden Girls" actress McClanahan
"___ one more thing!"