August 2 2019, Crosswords With Friends

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"___ this ever happened before?"
Garnets and pearls, for example
Month after February: Abbr.
"Mr. Robot" cable channel
Attend a party despite not being invited
Fútbol stadium shout
Group for professional goalies, forwards, and defensemen: Abbr.
Yankees first baseman (1923-1939) whose jersey #4 was retired: 2 wds.
Martini & ___ (wine company)
"Gone With the Wind" heroine Scarlett
Lines on a road map
Yankees right fielder (1960-1966) whose jersey #9 was retired: 2 wds.
Ram's female counterpart
Sharp weapon for a Viking
On the ___ (furtively)
Yankees shortstop (1995-2014) whose jersey #2 was retired: 2 wds.
Moms and dads
Bakery appliances
Enticing smell
Turn over ___ leaf: 2 wds.
Yankees catcher (1946-1963) whose jersey #8 was retired: 2 wds.
Deliver your lines onstage
Find purposes for
Actress Vivien who portrayed 20-Across
Las Vegas casino where the World Series of Poker is held
What you might write in a diary with
"___ at the Zoo" (book featuring a red Muppet)
On ___ (available at a brewpub)
Attila the ___
2019 French Open women's singles champion Barty, for short
Recover from a sunken ship
Increase in dimension
Sauvage ___ de toilette (men's fragrance from Dior)
Flavor enhancer in Chick-fil-A's Deluxe Sandwich: Abbr.
Terri's twin sister (with a rhyming name) on "The Simpsons"
___ code (method for sending telegraph messages)
Hollywood elite: Hyph.
TV presenter Philbin
Tools for breaking up dirt clods
Mineral sought by miners
"___ do you like them apples?"
Certain woodwind instruments, for short
"Star ___: Discovery" (CBS All Access series starring Sonequa Martin-Green)
Word that follows "Wal" and "K" in retailer names
Noah's predecessor on "The Daily Show"
"Bumblebee" actor Cariou
Age units: Abbr.
"Sorry Not Sorry" singer Lovato
Make possible
Two-time Oscar nominee Hill
TV title role played by Sandra Oh
"I want my money!": 2 wds.
Got out of bed
"Long Shot" star Seth
2012 movie that starred Ben Affleck and Alan Arkin
Slippery as an ___
It surrounds an eyeglass lens
American espionage organization: Abbr.
Carrot ___ (red-haired comedian)