September 18 2021, Crossword Champ Premium

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London-based insurance giant with eponymous Chicago and L.A. skyscrapers
Shareholders mtng.
Harem room
"Sunday Puzzle" airer
Cheap travel agency for students
Bar room
Lt. Kojak
Left half of the home keys
Barbell abbr.
Cohort of Boris and Bela
Prospective employer's request
Past fast flying aircraft
Device between cable and TV
Began from a particular point
Hunting dog
Era before AD
Value of goods and services produced in a country in a specific period (abbr)
Cries of surprise
Crime investigator (abbr.)
Like some roasts
[[IMAGE]](One way to cook steak)
Electrical unit
Good vantage point
Go off track
Emphatic refusal
White House advisory grp.
Six-time N.L. home run leader
Propel on water, in a way
Larry Bird, notably
They were driven in the Old West
Historical times
Effects used to create some superheroes
Marked with a taint
Fr. schools
Block (2 words)
Not even close
Brain scan, for short
Computer key near Shift
Per ___
One found in a zebra crossing, for short
Soft & ___ (Dial brand)
Brief time slices
Ceremonial staff of office
Mercury and Jupiter, e.g.
Start of a U.S. capital
Accompanies as a bodyguard
Slanted letters
Pear-shaped bottle in a lab
Certain hockey shot
Plant aperture
Set afire
Simile segment
Quart divs.
Crop attacker: p___
A large edible mushroom
Medical man
Vitamin B complex having nicotinic acid
What Justice holds
"Steal My Sunshine" recorders
Big cheer
Jodie's "Nell" co-star
Musical refrain
Chipping choice
Machine tool
Obama's opponents
Functional or peptic beginning
Computer capability for short
Cape Town's home (abbr.)
Amusement park features
Alfonso XIII's queen
Type of silver (abbr.)
Milit. school
PGA measures
Napoleonic law
Syn.'s kin
2nd letter addendum
Relaxing resort
Massachusetts' Cape ___
Sign of mattress wear