September 17 2021, Crossword Champ Premium

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Formerly, previously
Spanish queen and others.
Property-based security option (abbr.)
"Once and Again" Ward of
Chick's slang mate
Sticky stuff
___ual: yearly
Hold up
Royal Hall in London
Subordinate in the prosecutor's off.
Blimp, e.g.
Declare verboten
Salt used in detergents
Learning style
Efforts, attempts
At no time (poetic)
"Lady ___ Train" (1945 film)
Fixed part of an electric motor
Wing parts
Move a plant
Soundness of mind
Tent holder
Wearer of a onesie
Granola grain
Iowa capital ___ Moines
Mineral springs
End of a Stein line
Hematology prefix
Board mem., maybe
Varnish ingredient
River in Hades
Bend ___
Something that joins
Yucatan "bravo!"
People who stitch clothes
Title for an Eng. peer
Brian of rock music
Tropical tuber
Going on in years
Olympics awards, at times
NC mountain pass, __ Gap
Figure out
Zig or zag
This, to Esteban
City of Okinawa
Capital in Asia
BBC rival
Office furniture
Sacred text
A rocky peak
Play set for future engineers
Old Soviet naval base site
Sinbad's transport, once
War zone, in brief
Ensign, for short
Apartment-complex unit
Not much cooked, as steak
Compass points towards sunrise
Flying cave dweller
[[IMAGE]](Type of pear)
Ambracian Gulf
Marshall Plan agcy.
Cheeky part, in England?
Paranormal field
Indy winner Luyendyk
Skirt parts
Rubber gaskets
Group that's on the side of gun rights
Highschooler's option: abbr.
Add more coverage
Spanish demonstrative
Cousin on "The Addams Family"
Mall map listings
Stratosphere streaker
Barber's offering
Place of Niagara Falls
Ingest food
Requests from an ed.