April 3 2020, Crossword Champ Premium

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Relative of 8 Across
Coins of France
Title for Jacques Clouseau: Abbr.
Add-on for Congo
Think that maybe one can
Door sign
US air org.
Third: Comb. form
City known as the Navel of Sicily
South African antelope
Edison's middle name
Couldn't stand
10% of DXXX
Kitchen pests
"Every ___ winner!"
W.W. I pivotal battle
Good for Guillaume
The Beatles' "Back in the ___"
Patriot Tom
Helpful ___ (tip that's useful)
Verbal expression
Land tax in Britain
News media
Untilled tract
Darjeeling and oolong
Jazz club highlights
Robert Burns's "Whistle ___ the Lave O't"
Develop well
Flora and fauna
Like some treated lawns
[[IMAGE]](Tennis star Sharapova)
An original Mouseketeer
The Sorbonne, e.g.
Lymph sources
Livy's 502
Soft & ___ (Dial brand)
Marner of literature
Heated conflict
Crash course?
Skin infections
Pavlov's dogs were conditioned to do this
Virginia willow's genus
Instrument that might be accompanied by a tabla
Level to the ground
Guitar virtuoso Paul
Mother of the gods, according to Vedas
___ chi
Up to one's ears
Bound collections of maps
Return recipient
Bert's mystery-solving twin
River near Paris
More impassive
Lengthy heroic tale
Airport conveyance
French fashion issue
Have an offensive odor
Selling agent
Magistrate of Venice
"___, you noblest English!"
"Strength, Courage and wisdom" singer India
"Mefistofele" soprano
Lieut.'s subordinate
Lady of Spain
Young girls
Pick via polls
Designer von Furstenberg
Carter and Irving
Tea variety
Let out