December 14 2018, Crossword Champ

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Baseball, rugby and hockey
Make like an angry cat
Sheet of sorts
Wild uprising
Shorn animals
Archery requisite
Virgil subject
Cyan-colored Pac-Man ghost
Oratorical no-no
Persona non grata
Spanish title
"The Last ___" (da Vinci)
Round, domed building
Household ___
Remove a tangle
Muscle-bone connector
Exam taker
Narc's find, maybe
Insect life stage
Dickens's villainous Heep
Brewing vessel
Whalebone device
Zigzag downhill
Currently of interest
Orbital point farthest from the sun
Informal affirmative
One in a litter basket, perhaps
Leisurely gait
Polite title
Cause revulsion in
Spreadsheet reversal command
Language problem
Like some vows or cows
Joyful song (var.)
A bit sore
___ truly
Five ___ shadow
Shrek, for instance
"___ the housetop..." (Christmas lyric)
Models strike it
___ friendly
"Bill & ___ Excellent Adventure"
Containing no flesh
Oscar winner Sophia
Old ___ (Satan)
Curled-lip expressions