September 15 2020, Wall Street Journal

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Where racers retire?
Sacred beetle of ancient Egypt
Popular celebrity gossip website
Assurance after a stumble
“Oh, yeah, very funny!”
1963 Marvin Gaye hit
Hacking tool
Camera part
Fail to include
“Summertime Sadness” singer Del Rey
Staple in Italian cooking
Wrinkly snacks
Cub Scout groups
Famed finger-pointer
[More details below]
Hard water?
“We’re done here”
Bail payment
Drama that won 59 Emmys
Bull market bunch
Caddie’s suggestion
Dr. Zhivago’s love
Pinball infraction
Eminem collaborator
1934 Shirley Temple movie
Take measures
For the time being
Smoothie berry
With 63- and 64-Across, privileged info, and a hint to the circled letters
See 62-Across
See 62-Across
Sixth of an inch, in publishing
Provider of the big picture?
Instrument quality
Take to the slopes
“9 to 5 (Morning Train)” singer Easton
Forty winks
“Eureka!” moments
Rarer than rare
Yellowfin tuna
Face an ace
1986 Robert De Niro/Jeremy Irons film
Result of scoring
Ziploc rival
Nick of movies
Article in a French magazine
Football Hall of Famer Marchetti
ATM receipt no.
WWII turning point
Move, in real estate lingo
Case for a dermatologist
Docs dispense them
Good-looking person?
Some are easily bruised
Like the Uxmal pyramids
Hunk’s pride
Wound around
1988 K.T. Oslin song
Drilling grp.
Trayful of cookies
Future atty.’s exam
“Mon Oncle” director/star Jacques
Chrysler Building style
Gather in
County name in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York
Printer resolution meas.
Container for ashes
Not neg.
Suffered from