October 9 2019, Wall Street Journal

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First Canadian province alphabetically
Mini mint
Professional operators
Grandmother, south of the border
Remain aware of social and racial injustice
Sky streaker
Short-term employee
Stopped answering the interrogator’s questions, perhaps
___ kwon do
Wong of “Always Be My Maybe”
Pitching Triple Crown component
Record achievement
Blind alley
“Ah, gotcha”
Instruments with double reeds
CIO partner
It’s just over a foot
Weaving device
Cataclysmic titular event in a 2018 blockbuster
Dell wares
Lennon’s love
Barnyard bleat
All-time leader in points, games and steals for the Miami Heat
“Hidden Figures” org.
Peanut butter cup possessive
Sign of misdirection, and a hint to this puzzle’s circled letters
Birthplace of Jules Verne
Missing people?
Like a short kickoff kick
Apothecary grinders
Aide: Abbr.
Elizabethan instrument
“Dracula” author Stoker
Valley of the Kings setting
FF opposite, on remotes
Leather workers
“Puppy Love” singer/songwriter
In a gentle manner
Portugal’s peninsula
Miffed, with “off”
Baseball’s Felipe, Matty, Jesus or Moises
Fix a seam, say
Thanksgiving staple
Gets better, as wine
Bad food bacteria
Apply, as sunscreen
Driver’s aid org.
“Back to the Future” hero Marty
Pitching Triple Crown component
Invite to the penthouse, say
It belongs in a museum
Specifics, slangily
Moore of “A Few Good Men”
Feeling sad
Taj Mahal city
“Give me an example!”
“Thanks, I’m already set”
Actually existing
29-Down job
Emo emotion
First 007 movie
Gradually ease off
Deep desires
Sparkling wine region
Leather worker’s implement
Missing at roll call, maybe
Votes for
Super ___ (old game console)