October 8 2019, Wall Street Journal

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Chem. or biol.
Strong criticism
Hauling measure
Brother of Chico and Groucho
Ticked off
Noises made around puppies and babies
Foil for Bugs
Insurance requirement, often
Release of intense anger in a therapy session
The Titanic, e.g.
Next-to-last Greek letter
Yellow-breasted songbird
Palette paints
Lofty abode
Come up
“___ We Got Fun”
Orangey tuber
Floors it
Nashville’s Grand Ole ___
Emmy winner Poehler
Arles affirmative
Periods of prosperity
Be completely apathetic
“N’awlins” cuisine
Gardeners, at times
Pizzeria order
Nest makeup
Asian capital
Luke’s mentee in “The Last Jedi”
Butter, flour and eggs, e.g.
Collaborate on a play, say
Disingenuous quality
Cut off
Busy spot on Black Friday
Venus de Milo’s lack
Blueprint figure
Gift tag preposition
Pool workout unit
Words with glance or loss
Of paramount importance
“No hurry”
Unimpressed response
Ambient music whiz Brian
Social killjoy
___ Lanka
Mamie married him
Max. opposite
Yale rooter
Unfortunate thing to hit
Sign before Virgo
Corresponding, in a way
Warship letters
Scala of “The Guns of Navarone”
Some ER staff
Cry of insight
Spot for a canyon vista
Clothes cabinet
Case that hasn’t been closed?
Humble home
Furlong, to a mile
Fireworks noise
Deep singers
Microwave, slangily
Sioux City setting
Leaf feature
Word after spy or nanny
Baby food serving