November 1 2018, Wall Street Journal

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Angular measure
Utterly defeat, informally
2009 Hilary Swank biopic
One of the fire signs
Induction requirement, often
They end with a show of hands
Slimy pod
Media di due e quattro
Barbecue staple
Hurdles for MBA hopefuls
General carrier
Upgrade at the terminal
Police lines
Potsticker's place
Base of the Tokugawa shoguns
He or I
Bochco project between "Hill Street Blues" and "NYPD Blue"
Trade groups
Bannister, e.g.
Crapshooter's entreaty
PC's video-handling chip
Creature about half as tall as a Wookiee
Laptop that may run Google Classroom
Vixen's baby
"I'm good with it," or a description of eight occurrences in this puzzle
Skeevy look
Good at guile
TV blogger's posts
Livy's love
Feint by a Flyer
Land in the Loire
Give voice to
"Stand and Deliver" Oscar nominee
Work period
Celebrity profile revisions?
Went like gangbusters
Reservoir upriver of the Grand Canyon
Another, in Andalucia
"Beg pardon?"
Bottom-line no.
___ Spiegel
Techie, stereotypically
Put together
Heats at meets
Reduce bank deposits, say
Sarcastic words to a klutz
Pull an all-nighter, perhaps
Rootless one
Great divide
Dr. Zaius, for one
Cuts from the cloth
It's played with a rope and knife
Parting target
Snitch-catching Quidditch position
Cheerios base
Star quality
Best Picture winner about a Bronx butcher
Snap event of 2017
Pen holder?
Nike founder Knight
"Saturn Devouring His Son" painter
Stately display
They're picked by some Hawaiians
Squeeze (out)
"EastEnders" network