March 26 2020, Wall Street Journal

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Ace’s asset
Arrive casually
The Beatles’ “___ in the Life”
The Fates, e.g.
“I Got ___” (Jim Croce song)
Endures a series of...
...dangers or criticisms
Mercury and Mars, e.g.
Ones who are barely seen?
Striking rebuke
Warning to encourage...
...early registration
Scarf, say
Grey Goose alternative
Serious sorrow
Suffer with sibilants
Particular perspective
Word next to a harp on some euros
Person who’s skeptical...
...of accepted dogma
Andrew’s ex
Veal dish traditionally accompanied by risotto
Mammoth trapper
Very short distance...
...for a shooter
Recon gathering
2009 Benjamin Bratt movie
Like Loki
“Yeah, right!”
Suffered a selloff
Clandestine rendezvous
Kinsey concern
Charge nurse’s charge
Together, in scoring
Jhansi royal
Father of Phobos
Haunted house sounds
Makeshift solution
Furtively, in a way
Close group
“___ a Little Girl” (Marvin Gaye song)
Team that began as the New Jersey Americans
Something miserable
Marathon results
German university city
Introspective study
Skating category
Concerto highlights
Grassy plain of South America
Senior society at Yale
Fluted style
Affixes one’s John Hancock to
Mulligan, essentially
23andMe buy
Petite pastry
Sounds of pride?
Boldly impudent
“Black-ish” star Tracee ___ Ross
Ale amount
___ about (words of approximation)
Humble acknowledgment of praise
White Sands Natl. Pk. location
Felucca’s place
Winds down
Prime minister appointed by Akihito