June 30 2020, Wall Street Journal

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Bill stamp
Tavern fixture
Bookstore section: Abbr.
Twiddling one’s thumbs
“Milk’s Favorite Cookie”
Undue hurry
*Hole setting
Crazy as ___
*Place for post on a post
Puts under
It’s north of Afr.
Pint in a pub
Quarterback’s calls
In worse shape
Bonsai choice
Brand for those with dairy sensitivity
*House holder
Laudatory one
Churchill address
Conceal from view
Kitchen appliance brand
Sock end
Tested for purity
*Place with pits
Brother, in Bruxelles
*Army communication?
What all of the starred answers have
Careless mistake
Los Angeles mayor Garcetti
Sylvia of 2006’s “The Queen”
Aves. and blvds.
Office note
Truffle-hunting animal
In need of a doctor
Cover, as expenses
Joe who managed the Yankees to four World Series championships
Banana castoff
Soccer need
Weather map line
Hepburn’s co-star in “The Lion in Winter”
Boomer's kid
“My treat!”
Pomade’s kin
Bravery, informally
Household helper from abroad
Blueprint number
Jazz legend Fitzgerald
Out of the ordinary
Prepare for a road trip
Mahershala of “Moonlight”
“The Talk” network
Election Day abbr.
NYSE debut
Bridge supports
“Good heavens, old chap!”
Low card in pinochle
Diploma holder
Supplies with personnel
Like the minimum wage
Collaborate another time
Pronto, for short
Complete chaos
Come clean
Twisty fish
Metal source
Crater edge
Environmental prefix