July 11 2019, Wall Street Journal

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First roomie, often
Visibility-reducing gear
Truman announced its development in January 1950
Brown-striped chick
Webby, for one
Key with a magnetic strip
Bakery utensil
"This looks like trouble..."
Obstacle-filled endeavor
Cat's pupil, on a sunny day
Stuck one's neck out
Bold piece of writing
Ancient element
Hereford head
Tavern for Lenny, Carl and Homer
Meadow moisture
Breakaway groups
Tests boundaries
Ferret's cousin
"The Settlers of Catan" resource
Pull up
Porcine parent
Mil. rank
Ovine parent
Potential law
Lose one's ability to get a part?
Bring down the house?
Collaborator with Dizzy
Pulitzer-winning poet Dove
Interstate taboo
Mail instruction sometimes ignored, as suggested by the words in this puzzle's circles
"CBS Evening News" anchor O'Donnell
Name in the cosmetics aisle
Start of a long drive
Lends support
Canceling key
Current setting
"Inquiring minds want to know!"
Site of the world's largest parliament building
Nut on Chinese menus
Reactions to new babies
Computers with Retina displays
Glide floss seller
Like sweater weather
Beckham of the Browns
"Them" or "Us"
Jake's love in "The Sun Also Rises"
Amusingly unusual
Unfathomably long time
Counselors' workplace
They may stand by doulas
Name in the "Hail, Caesar!" credits
Despite that
"The Chi" carrier, in listings
First person in a routine?
MinuteClinic offerer
Where many return after pass completions?
Heading for Phileas Fogg
CPR settings
Page view?
Oscar for comedy?
Rich desserts
Sell out
Cornflower cousin
Literature Nobelist Mario Vargas ___
Catcher at the plate?
Not in support of
Stars' org.
Humongous ref.
Solstice mo.