April 15 2019, Wall Street Journal

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Tight hold
Cries of insight
Litter on a farm
Distinctive quality
London art institution
Creator of a puzzling cube
Happy friend
Maker of Pong
Foreign correspondent, of a sort
The Americas, after 1492
Cain's brother
Minimum level of a river or reservoir
Court events
"Oh, gross!"
Frame jobs
Artery blocker
Singer Piaf
Farrow of "Rosemary's Baby"
Throw with effort
"Gloria" star Rowlands
"Raging Bull" star
___ culpa
Lake northeast of Syracuse
Bioluminescent beetle larva
Rhetorical question before offering a blunt statement
Window projecting from a roof
Hopeless, as situations go
Meaningful signs
"Damn Yankees" seductress
Gymnast Korbut
Watch over
Circular movement
It's under helium in the periodic table
Startled sound
Anglo-Saxon letter
Club in a golf bag
Tree with an oblong yellow fruit
Figure on a Wheaties box, typically
"Bali ___" ("South Pacific" song)
Abbr. on a business letter
"I call 'em as I ___"
Building girder
Woman of the future
Slip and slide
Less experienced
River through Indiana
Mental faculties
"Step aside, I'll do it"
"Hasta ___" (Latino's "Later!")
Poet Nash
Do some bellyaching
San Antonio landmark
Teakettle emission
Aids for making sandcastles
Flight time reducer
Question to a brown cow
Hyphen's kin
Motoring spot
Football plays
"It's a date!"
The IRS logo features one
Shoelace problem
Alaskan city
Wilson of "Midnight in Paris"
Like boars and bulls
Speaker of the House after Boehner
Out of date