September 15 2021, USA Today

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___ up some breakfast
Alaska city that sounds like a lawn ornament
Director of "Parasite"
Instrument that becomes another instrument if you add an F at the beginning
Angry feeling
Disc golf score
The S in GPS
Greek vowel
Tournament exemptions
Greenskeeper's roll
Taken illegally
___-advised (foolish)
Swords for Katharine Holmes
Lake south of London, Ontario
Squash parts
Submarine detector
Our planet
"Great job"
"Understand my joke?"
Angry feeling
Solo sung in costume
Try the perfume test strip
Relatives acquired by marriage
D.C. suburb in Virginia
In vogue
One-eighty from WSW
Bank-to-bank transfer
Appliance for roasting peanuts
Beast and Wolverine's team
Historic times
Improv group's creation
Place for a cat, or drink like a cat
"Far out!"
"I ___ you an explanation"
Puppy's barkend
Org. with a Sixth Woman of the Year Award
Excerpt from a movie
The Shib ___ (ice dancing duo)
Parts of some jackets
Indefinable vibe
Toy that goes up and down
"Count me out!"
Square ___ in a round hole
Ye ___ Shoppe
School orgs.
Jiggly dessert
"Oh, of course!"
Like arms after painting a room, perhaps
Online shopping button
Pursuing romantically
Alternatives to lagers
"Now ___ seen it all!"
Actress Hathaway
Made a faux pas
Corrosive liquid
Exclamation hidden in "ultrahigh"
Bit of data
Firetruck sounds
Occasion to rent a tux
Cairo's river
Quote as a source
Pass along
Animal that's "ma'iingan" in Ojibwe
Maddy Court aka ___ Worrier Princess
___ Moines Art Center
"SNL" intro phrase
Square footage
Bowled over
Mount ___ Hospital
Ivy League school in Philly
Claim to be false