October 28 2021, USA Today

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Difficult situations
Shop with jelly bean dispensers
Alter ___
Erasable writing utensil
It might be tough to convey in a text message
"Well, that ___ awkward . . ."
Real estate event
Number that's a homophone of a preposition
Animals on some crossing signs
Deep gorge
"Help me!" letters
___ Grey tea
In need of a map
Wizard's creation
Opposite of feral
Flat sea urchin thought to resemble a coin
Music player with a Nano variety
Podcast genre that covers current events
Perched upon
Sound from a lion or crowd
The way things are
Prefix meaning "trillion"
Enjoy a long bath
Mommy's partner, maybe
Robins' homes
Talent searchers
"Sally ___" (Janelle Monae song)
Place for a hoop or plug
Sibling's daughter
Passover ritual
Act like a peeved llama
Moisturizer ingredient
Site of some pet hammocks
Coffee dispenser
In favor ofend
Muscle exercised with curls
Twelve divided by six
Provided food for
Word after "hand" or "dish"
Programmer's creation
Strictly business
Very big
Soft-serve holder
Hair salon employee
"What ___ gotten into you lately?"
Spanish for "sun"
Enters angrily
___ & crafts
Minnesota's capital
Gorilla, e.g.
___ your own horn
Surface for sledding
Canoe paddle
Matlin of "The L Word"
Like some high-in-folic-acid vitamins
"Everything ___ is Untrue"
Large bird with green eggs
Pico de gallo and xnipec, e.g.
"Until we meet again!"
Spread falsehoods
Space for a vegetable garden
Increased by a factor of 9-Down
Particles generated by some hair dryers
Use a stencil
Support for a golf or rugby ball
"___ ring to rule them all . . ."
More painful