October 14 2021, USA Today

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Some lines on a map, for short
"Never heard of them"
Birth control option (Abbr.)
Notification of low air quality
Seance visitor
Woven hairstyle
Like knees in chair pose
Backlog for a 24-Across
"On it, captain!"
Types in, like data
Condition that a face mask might treat
"Oh, and ..." in texts
"Doesn't matter which"
"Not today, ___!"
SAT takers, often (Abbr.)
Group wearing the same uniform
Nadal's nickname
Not very exciting
Button with a paper airplane icon
Movie theater chain
"The Glass ___"
Prickly shrub
"I want a turn!"
Billboard chart component
Gardener's dirt
One of 60 on a harpsichord
Available for summoning
"It's almost my turn!"
"My dude!"
Painting supporters
Segment of a ballet
Bits on an everything bagel
Like Walking-Out Ceremonies
"Akeelah ___ the Bee"
Go out with
Make a 41-Downend
Holey cheese
"Doctor Who" network
Enjoyed some kitfo
Fall heavily
Square footage
Japanese currency
Some soda containers
"You're My ___ Friend" (Queen song)
New Hampshire nickname
Like most baby food
One might work pro bono
Field for a house-flipper
Twitch or Twitter spammer
Magazine overseers, for short
Out of harm's way
Respectful greeting
'80s arcade game with a rolling ball
Deep ditch
Cozy reading spot
Kimono sash
"___ be a pleasure!"
Hat worn by PaRappa the Rapper
Polite denial
Untidy, like a beard
Angie Thomas novel with a floral title
Help commit a crime
Producer of apples or pears
Wipe the data from
Fish often paired with cream cheese
"Ugh, the nerve!"
It might go around your eyes or lips
"That's a ___ to process"
"I'd love to!"
Ritual where charoset represents mortar