November 25 2021, USA Today

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"By all means!"
Central Florida city
Makes a choice
Piece of Sikyatki Revival pottery
Academic test
Band ___ (bra measurement)
Like Sherpa people
Yemen's eastern neighbor
Robert Latham Owen's title from 1907 to 1925
Last stage of a chess match
Shopping special
Wear and ___
Big slice
Went really fast
Uses oars
Braille symbols
Arm joint
Bit of toxic smoke
___ Internacional de los Pueblos Indigenas (Aug. 9 observance)
Beauty chain
"Monkey Beach" author Robinson
Brunch drinks served in flutes
Written description of an online image
Becomes aware of
Pizza herb
Treat unfairly on purpose
___ out (barely got)
62-Down for ceramics
Units of land
"She" in French or "they" in Spanish
"Well, hey there!"
Baking appliance
Not many
Cards issued by the DMVend
"I swear to ___!"
Korean ancestor ritual
Fail to win
Mining outputs
Line on a graph
Seeing an owl, for example
1969-1971 Red Power occupation site now home to the annual Indigenous Peoples Thanksgiving Sunrise Gathering
"Living Lively" author/chef Thomas
Breakfast, lunch or dinner
Keeps annoying
Generate positive feelings
Lil ___ X
Dance with metallic shoes
Fruity drink suffix
Used a bicycle
Transform into
Numero after uno
Animal on the Pawnee Nation flag
Clump of lint, cutely
Online inbox item
Not all and not none
Silent greeting
Widen like pupils
Too diluted
Spanish for "gold"
First aid pro
Alias letters
F-sharp is one
"In the Courts of the Conqueror" author Walter R. ___-Hawk
Mario's brother
Autonomous vehicle
Rod between wheels
Follower of "bleary-" or "starry-"
Three sisters ___
___-serif font
Vegan milk choice